Product Description:

A must have for photography enthusiasts and drone hobbyists, the Yuneec Q500 4K is primarily designed for APV – aerial photography and video.The drone comes factory-assembled with that a pre-bound transmitter/ground station unit (radio controller), a battery, 2 sets of blades and a handheld Action cam. At an additional price of $100 you can also get an aluminum trolley with your purchase.


Quick Overview

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The Q500 features a CG03 that is able to record videos at 1080p 120fps and capture images at 12MP with 3 axes of rotation. The drone comes ready to fly, so you don’t need to assemble or tinker with anything. The battery is a 5400mAh 3s 11.1LIPO with a battery life is approximately 22 minutes. GPS firmware is also embedded in the drone. With the GPS activated, it can fly at approximately 13 mph, and without the GPS it can reach up to 30mph. The maximum range mentioned is around 8000 feet, but you should keep it under 2000 feet, just to be safe. Yuneec provides a 6-month warranty on the product(crash damage is NOT covered).


Firstly the customer support from Yuneec is amazing. They quickly resolved any issues that cropped up with the drone. The maximum height it can reach is a whopping 400feet, which is very good for a commercial drone, this combined with its relatively high speed make it an incredible drone for photo shoots or leisure. Unlike many other models, the ST10 controller, which also comes with a neck strap, uses a touch screen interface which runs on Android and provides a plethora of information about the drone’s current status. The GPS allows the drone to be fixed at a particular position, or even be made to follow you albeit with certain restrictions. When it comes to your photography or videography needs, the Q500, can picture at a resolution of 12MP and even take videos at UHD, but at 2k resolution, unlike HD videos which it can shoot at 4k resolution.


Though the Yuneec Q500 packs a ton of features, it does come with a hefty price tag of $800.(at an additional $100, you can get an aluminum trolley for storing the drone). Additional components and spare parts also come at a hefty price, the battery costs about $90, while the camera costs around $400. Despite the presence of GPS, the drone is unable to circumnavigate obstacles on its own and the lack of an altimeter prevents it from correcting its altitude on highly uneven terrain, and needs to be manually controlled to do so, hence you must be careful when you set it to follow you, lest the drone hit something or crash when you’re traversing very uneven terrain.


A must have for professional photographers who need to use drones for outdoor photography. If you’re a drone enthusiast, and can the price tag is not an issue, then this quad copter will be a great toy for you. I highly recommend this product if you can afford it.