Yuneec Firebird HD Racer Early Review

For those of you that weren’t able to attend the CES 2018, you’re in luck, because I am here to give you some pretty sweet details. At the CES, Yuneec announced three of their new drones that would be coming out this year. The HD Racer, Firebird FPV, and the Typhoon H Plus. While all three of them are great drones, right now, I would like to focus on the Yuneec HD Racer and tell you everything that I learned at the CES.

The HD Racer is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, but don’t let that discourage you because small things really do come with some pretty big advantages. Once the HD Racer takes off into the air, the pilot is going to have an amazing experience due to the cutting-edge technology.

Drone Specs

Now, let’s take a look at the Yuneec Firebird HD Racer specs to give you a clear picture of exactly what you’re looking at …

  • Integrated FPV camera (that’s great)
  • FPV race quadcopter
  • Built-in flight stabilization with both beginner and advanced modes (this means the drone is for everyone)
  • 1S 550mAh LiPo battery (your flight time will be around 6 minutes)
  • Impeller design is quiet
  • Flip up mode (comes in handy)
  • Optimized HD video link with low delay

Now, let’s move forward and talk about these interesting specs …

Designed for Beginners and Experienced Pilots

What many people like about the Yuneec Firebird HD Racer is the fact that it has been designed for both beginners and experienced pilots.

This drone has protected blades, which means you can safely fly it indoors. There’s also a built-in flight stabilization (I’ll talk more about that in a second), which is definitely helpful.

HD Camera

When it comes to drones, I really like the camera feature. In this case, this particular drone has an HD camera that is capable of filming real time in 1080p or 720p/60. It sends the image straight to your device (Android or iOS). The latency is reduced enough so that the pilot can fly in immersion.

In addition to being able to connect the drone to your device, this drone will allow you to record and share your “in-air” moments in high resolution 1080p at 60fps.

Built-in Flight Stabilization

The built-in flight stabilization has beginner and advanced modes.  This way, everyone will be able to fly it, regardless of their skill level.


When the pilot is flying this drone through the air, they will be able to navigate through almost any obstacle with the all-digital, optimized, low latency HD video downlink. If for some reason you do run into an obstacle (oops), that is okay, all you have to do is switch to “flip-up” mode, which will make the drone automatically turn upright. The HD Racer would have been great for me in the beginning when I was first starting to fly drones because I spent a lot of time having to walk over and flip my drone back up.


All in all, if you’re looking for a drone for yourself, or as a gift for someone close to you, I believe the Yuneec HD Racer would make a great gift. It is good for people from all walks of life, both young and old, regardless of their experience with drones. This means that if someone you know is a drone enthusiast and has a ton of them already, it wouldn’t hurt to get this one, but at the same time, you could get it for a child that has no experience. Mind you, the drone is set to come out during the second half of 2018, but it is well worth the wait. At this time, the only downfall I can find with this drone would be the battery life – the battery only gives you 6 minutes of flight time, but you can improve that by having multiple batteries to switch out between flights. In the end, this is definitely a drone I would recommend.