WingsLand S6 Drone Review

At the CES 2018 in Las Vegas, some pretty cool gadgets were announced, but as usual, being a major drone hobbyist, it’s the drones that I really paid attention to. During this event, I saw so many cool drones that I can’t wait to get my hands on and tell everyone about – new drones being announced by companies like PowerVision, Yuneec, DJI and all of those other exciting companies. However, it’s not a drone by any of the above that I’m going to be telling you about today – the WingsLand S6 is the one that has the floor right now.

Due to the fact that the WingsLand S6 is small in size, it is much easier to fly than it is to fly a big drone.


Not only is this drone capable of being folded up, making for easy transport, but it also comes in a case that makes it even easier to transport. The arms along with the propellers fold up into a tiny hull in order to reduce the overall size and make it easy to carry around with you.

The drone weighs in at 230 grams, so it is definitely light in weight. When I used the drone, I actually felt like I had a flying selfie camera (I’ll tell you more about the camera in a bit).

As far as constructions run, when you buy the drone, there’s nothing that you have to put together really. There are an extra set of propellers, and only one battery. You can easily slide the battery into its place in the back, but it takes a bit more effort to slide it out. On the side, there’s a microSD slot and that is the only way the drone can record footage.


FPV – Technically, the pilot will be able to fly the WindsLand S6 FPV style. However, this would mean that you would have to look at the screen under your thumbs as you’re trying to control the drone.

Turn Left/Right, Up/Down – This function works pretty good and I must say, the drone is easy to control. The flying characteristics and the GPS hold are impressive to say the least.

One Key Landing/Taking Off – That’s right, and it works exactly as you’d expect it to work.

Gravity Sense Control – They’re referring to the sensors that are at the bottom of the drone and they are amazing. With the gravity sensor control, the S6 always knows where it is in relation to the ground. I personally find this to be a great feature as it stops the drone from colliding with the earth.

Camera Control – On yes, I cannot forget about the camera control. With this drone, you will have the ability to change the settings of the camera while it’s up in the air. You can change frame rates, white balance, turn the EIS on and off, and so on. It works great. The quality of the pictures are nice.

The camera reminds me a bit of a Go-Pro in terms of color saturation and sharpness. It is capable of taking pictures of 14MP and videos in 4K, which is a major bonus. So, as you could imagine, this drone will do a great job at taking pictures and will not disappoint you.

Return Home – The return home feature is a feature that I always look for when it comes to drones. With the return to home feature, you won’t have to worry about losing your drone as much. It will land around six inches from where it originally took off.

Flight Time – There are claims that the WingsLand S6 has a flight time between 8-10 minutes, which is okay. If you want to fly for a longer period of time, you could bring a backup battery pack with you.

Point of Interest – This function works great. When you enter the point of interest mode, the drone will start to circle around the spot that you chose as your point of interest. Mind you, during this time, you can still control the height by pulling back on the stick, and this will make the drone circle bigger. This is a great feature if you like taking pictures – you could let the drone circle around you and let it snap pictures.


All in all, I would highly recommend this drone. As I previously stated, it does an amazing job at taking pictures, so if you enjoy photography, then you could use this for some good aerial photography.