Product Description: The UDI818A HD drone has a unique shape of 4 roundels positioned over the quadcopter. Thus the propellers are well protected by the rim.
The packaging includes the drone, 1 2.4 GHz controller, 1 USB charger, user manual, a screwdriver, 4 extra propellers, 2 LiPo batteries (3.7V 500mAh), 4 GB micro-SD card and SD card reader.

The drone is available in attractive lime green color and the Remote has LCD screen for viewing. The controller has various buttons for different functions and once you get the hang of operating them, then the sky is the limit!


Features: The drone is equipped with a 2MP camera that is HD and can capture decent resolution images and videos.

The headless mode permits the pilot to steer the copter with ease and without botheration of direction. The drone can do a 360 degrees flip and yet remain stable while capturing videos. All this is well stored on micro SD card.

The Return Home function directs the drone back to its take-off spot. The extra battery that is provided for the drone ensures long flying hours, as you can easily replace the used one with the fully charged battery and put the drained battery for instant recharging on the USB charger.

The 6-axis gyro offers stability to the drone and good resistance against strong winds. It also enables smooth maneuvering while performing stunts like 3D flips.

The gadget also has an alarm that warns about low battery. Once the alarm beeps, it is time to bring the drone down for recharging and avert damage due to crash.

The quadcopter has a flying range of 120-150 feet horizontally and around 80-100 feet vertically that permits it to remain within the controller’s range.


Advantages: The highly elastic plastic frame for the propellers is crash resistant and protects the blades at all times from any damage during flights.

Headless Mode is truly ideal to navigate the drone without the tension of orientation.

The U818A has the provision for inserting a 4 GB micro SD card that is removable and which stores all the recordings for many flights.

6 axis gyro function is instrumental in keeping the drone steady during stunts and while capturing videos.

The additional battery makes the flying experience enjoyable as you get extra time for your favorite hobby of being a master pilot.


Disadvantages: The drone is very lightweight and yet has powerful motors. Thus, unless and until you know your maneuvering tactics well, there are chances of the drone going out of control.

Unfortunately, unlike other drones that can be gifted to kids of 6+ years, this one has a specific instruction for the user to be above 14 years. So sorry kids, you need to wait till you can lay hands on this machine.

The charging time for LiPo batteries is 90-120 minutes, whereas the flight time on a single charge is barely 6-7 minutes. Hence, you need to wait till you can switch batteries and get ready for next flying session after one round.


Verdict: Being lightweight, this drone needs extra care while handling because a careless push of throttle may result in the drone drifting away and getting damaged.

Good gadget for beginners as they can record and store many videos and images on the removable SD card and can use it for multiple flights.