Product Description: Syma X8C Quadcopter appears like a black phantom hovering in the sky. This is a good drone for beginners to intermediate level of pilots and with its 2 MP wide angle camera it can take wonderful pictures and capture decent quality videos.

The packaging includes the Syma X8C Quadcopter with an in-built 2 MP camera, 1 Lithium ion battery (7.4 V 2000mAh), 1 USB charging cable, 1 screwdriver, 4 landing gears, 4 rotating blades and 4 blade protectors, 1 micro SD card of 4GB and a card reader. There is also a user manual. 4 AA sized batteries for the remote control are not included.

The X8C has a control range of 50 meters and fly time of 5-8 minutes. The rechargeable battery takes about 180 minutes to recharge.

Features: Syma X8C drone has a 4 channel 2.4 GHz controller, The wing guards are made from tough plastic to protect the rotors from damage in case of an accident.

The 6-axis gyro is best suited to give a stable and controlled flight that can aid in giving best quality pictures and videos.

The drone has IOC (Intelligent Orientation Control) system that can eliminate the necessity of following the nose direction to move in forwarding direction.

There are flashing lights that make flying fun during the day and an easy tracking utility when you fly at night. It is very useful when you plan to race with your family or friends.

The 2MP camera can take aerial view photos and videos while flying, so go ahead and take a glimpse of the world from the sky.

The package includes a 4GB memory card and a card reader. Now storing your memories of flights is a lot easier since you can save multiple flight data of different locations and enjoy the videos at leisure.

Advantages: The high power Li battery can extend the flying time to a good 10-12 minutes too. If you are not satisfied with the video quality of the onboard camera, then there is provision to attach your own camcorder and shoot as per your choice.

The propeller guards are from tough material and therefore protect the blades against damage during flight. The drone itself is tough and has the ability to survive crashes and work normally.

The drone has good stability so it is easier to learn to control it if you are a beginner. There is a 3D lock that controls the flips to take pictures comfortably.

The inclusive SD card has the provision of storing multiple flight images and videos, so you can record a good deal to fill the 4GB card.

Disadvantages:  The product does not come with an additional battery for the drone. The charging time is also almost 180 minutes. This prevents you from enjoying flying for a long time, as you have to call off the session until you recharge the battery.

The onboard camera does not give the satisfaction of a high-resolution video capture.

Verdict: For the quoted price, this is a good drone for you to practice your controls and stunts before you move on to some complex model.

Sturdy body frame and protection rings surely enhance the life of the drone despite the loss of control and crashes.