Product Description:

If you’re looking drone that can be used for casual photography or play, the Parrot AR 2.0 is an inexpensive yet feature packed option drone that can be controlled with either your smartphone or tablet. The drone is factory assembled and packed in a custom carton based on the color of your drone. It also comes with one pair of black propellers and another customized pair of propellers to compliment the color scheme, a 1000mAh lithium polymer battery to provide up to twelve minutes of flying time, plus a convenient battery charger with international adapters.


Quick Overview

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The Parrot A.R. uses its self-generated Wi-fi network to connect to your phone, so you can operate it using your smartphone (you need to download the free AR. Freeflight app from the play or IOS store). a high definition camera with an HD 720p video recording capability allows you to stream and take pictures directly to your phone. The flight time of the drone is approximately 12 minute, and the battery takes about an hour to charge. The drone is available in snow, jungle and sand camo colors


A really fun thing the AR elite can do is perform barrel rolls and flips at a simple command from the app(doing this does consume more battery power though). The ability to stream and take pictures directly to your phone is a unique and superb feature. The stability is phenomenal even at high wind speeds up to 15 mph. Pressure sensors attached inside the drone will allow you to keep it in a fixed position even at high wind speed by autocorrecting its position. Another amazing feature is the fact that you can use motion control of your device to operate the drone. Tilt your phone left and Parrot flies left, tilt it forward and it flies forward


If you do not have an IOS or Android device, then you’re out of luck, as the interfacing app is only available for those platforms. The smartphone use for operation is a double edged sword, on one hand, it is incredibly convenient, but on the other hand, the range of the drone is at best 35 yards, as beyond that your phone/tablet will have difficulty communicating with the device, and you may lose control of it. Another major issue is that compared to drones with dedicated controllers, the Parrot AR does not respond instantly, and this can be perilous. The motion control flying too while useful can lead to disaster if you do not use it very carefully. The camera while HD is quite underwhelming and leaves a bit to be desired. While there are 3 colors offered, be warned that the price of each color is vastly different than the other two.


If you would like to fly your drone using your phone and you have a budget of around $200, then I would recommend this drone. But if you need high-resolution photos and a dedicated joystick controller, then this device is not for you.