Using the Anafi 4K Portable Drone from Parrot, you usually be capable of taking stunning aerial videos and photographs. The ultra-compact and portable Anafi weighs just a little over 11 oz and may squeeze into a backpack. It’s made to unfold and begin flying in under 3 seconds. Once in mid-air, Anafi may take stunning 4K videos with 100 Mb/s bitrate, and 21MP HDR-enhanced still photos. Anafi features 3-axis image stabilization to keep all your footage and pics stable and obvious. With the help of a 180-degree gimbal, tracking A.I., and a number of photo modes, the Anafi can provide you with professional-quality results anytime, anywhere.

180-Degree Tilt Gimbal

Having the ability to move from -90 to 90 levels, this gimbal enables you to take impressive low-position shots, rendering your videos stick out and opening a number of filming options.

2.8x Lossless Zoom

Anafi enables you to get close while remaining safe by providing you the opportunity to digitally focus as much as 2.8x in your subject entirely HD 1080p resolutions (1.4x in Ultra HD 4K). Whichever resolution you select, Parrot has crafted its zoom technology to become lossless, so regardless of whether you withdraw or push in, your images will not lose any detail.

Foldable Skycontroller 3 

Dealing with your Android or iOS smartphone and also the FreeFlight 6 application, the compact and ergonomic Skycontroller 3 enables you to take full charge of Anafi’s abilities. Dual thumbsticks allow you to pilot the Anafi, and FreeFlight 6 provides you with a number of flight solutions which are adaptable to your height of expertise.

Automatic A.I. Shooting & Tracking

CineShots: Instantly execute as much as four motion picture video movies. Select from Reveal, Epic, Rise, and 360-Degree.

SmartDronies: Enables you to take selfies in the sky.

Dolly Zoom Effect: Instantly uses Anafi’s unique zoom abilities and it is advanced visual tracking system to produce a perspective deformation from the background.

Slow-Motion: This mode records instantly, instantly adding a sluggish-motion result, well suited for action based videos.

Hyperlapse: This mode immediately accelerates your videos so that you can capture a sunset, a sunrise or perhaps passing clouds.

Cameraman: A computerized framing assistant for aerial videos. All you need to do is control the movement from the Anafi although your subject is instantly presented.

Follow Me: An in-application purchase inside FreeFlight 6, this allows you to stay in the middle of the experience whatsoever occasions. Anafi films you on the run without anybody piloting the drone directly. Incomplete autonomy, Anafi follows you and also moves at the pace both horizontally and vertically.

Dual-Band Transmission System

Anafi includes a 2.4/5 GHz dual-band antenna in every leg to assist maintain a connection for HD streaming from as much as 2.5 miles away.

Superior Performance

The Anafi continues to be engineered to face up to winds as high as 31 miles per hour and may achieve speeds as high as 33 miles per hour in Sports mode.

Safe Flight Features

Geofence: Enables you to define your own virtual perimeter that forestalls ANAFI from flying from a delegated area.

Smart RTH (Go back to Home): When the drone ever loses connection or maybe battery existence is low, it’ll instantly return to its beginning point.

Find My Drone: In the event, you forget your drone, it is simple to allow it to be beep in the tap of the mouse or think it is into the spotlight to discover and retrieve it.

Carbon Fibre Construction

The carbon fibers from the drone are billed with empty glass microbeads which are then full of air to face up to bumps and knocks. These components keep Anafi durable and light-weight, weighing only 11.3 oz.

USB Type-C Charging

The built-in USB Type-C port enables you to recharge the Anafi out of your smartphone, computer, or (optional) power bank. Anafi works with Power Delivery, allowing you to rapidly replenish to 60% quicker than an average 5W USB Type-An association.


25 minutes of flight time per charge.

Brought battery level indicators.

Wide-position aspherical lens.

Optics engineered to lessen lens flare and chromatic aberrations in most situations.