DJI Mavic

The DJI Mavic is a great choice for drone users who want a model that can fly longer, further and at higher distances while producing high-quality photos/video.  The powerful model will be appreciated by first-time drone users and individuals looking to upgrade to a model with better features.

Users will find a lot of pros when using the DJI Mavic.  From the controls to the images it generates, it offers something to satisfy every drone users wants and needs. Click here to find out how to best set up your Mavic for its first flight.

Quick Overview

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  • Intuitive controls – The drone is extremely easy for a beginner to get in the air.  From the time you open the box until the time you are able to get the drone in the air, there is little setup needed to set off on your first flight.  For all future flights, the Mavic can be launched in less than 60 seconds.


  • Photography – The Mavic takes photos and captures video with ease. It is simple to get the drone in the air and to take photos.  The photos produced by the camera are crisp and it focuses well when taking photos in flight this is due to the 3-axis gimbal used on the model.  In addition, conversion from photos to video is smooth.  The Mavic supports 4K video at 30 fps without using any electronic image stabilization.  A little closer to the ground, you can even at your drone to have your photo taken when it is pointing at you in the Gesture Mode.


  • Screen – You are able to fly your drone using your phone with or without a remote controller attached, so it is easy to control.  The DJI interface is easy to understand when operating the drone.   It helps the operators understand how high their drone is and how far from home the drone is located through a simple to read interface.


While the DJI Mavic includes an array of positive features there are some drawbacks to flying this drone.


  • Too many features –  The Mavic has a plethora of features which can make it difficult to utilize unless the user has time to study exactly how they want to use the drone.  Some novice/hobby drone flyers will find the features overwhelming.



From seasoned drone users who are looking for precision and total control while flying to new drone flyers who want to take flight right away, the DJI Mavic offers something for everyone.

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