Product Description:

U8 18A Wi-Fi drone has a headless mode for easy maneuverability and HD camera that captures good images and videos.

The box contains U8 18A Wi-Fi FPV quadcopter with camera, 2.4 GHz controller, 1 USB charger, 1 Micro SD card of 4GB and card reader, 2 LiPo batteries (3.7V 700mAh), a user manual and quick user guide and 4 spare rotor blades (2black, 2 white), 1 lens hood, 1 screwdriver and 1 spanner.
The default setting of picture resolution is set to 480P. However, you can change it manually through the app to 720P.
After downloading the app for your iPhone or Android smartphone, you can control the drone with the help of your mobile instead of the remote control. You can navigate the drone forward / backward / left or right by changing the angle of your mobile.


Quick Overview

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U8 18A drone is easy to pair via the app with your mobile for real-time transmission of the videos. It has a headless mode to ease the tension of orientation during flying.
-The app permits you to take flight control – backward / forward / left / right and operate the camera for image or video shoot.
-4GB memory card is suitable for storing your various flight recordings and playback them at your convenience.
-2 LiPo batteries give extra flying time. Each fully charged battery has a fly time of 6-9 minutes and the battery takes around 120 minutes to recharge.
-The propellers are marked A and B. Pair them properly and calibrate the remote for the drone to function. There is an alarm that warns of low power to enable you to bring down the drone in time.
The 3D flip function button, when coordinated with right side stick for forward / backward / left / right direction, performs the flip synchronously in the desired direction.
The remote operates the range of 50-80 meters. Nonetheless, the video transmission range is only 30 meters.


First Person View (FPV) enables you to see exactly what the drone camera records and you can pilot the quad to your desired location.
Even though you can see the videos recording in real time, it sure is fun to be able to enjoy them when you feel like. The 4GB SD card is useful in storing your different flight videos so that you can see them by attaching the card to your computer.
Extra battery means added fun time. Enjoy your flying session for an extended period by simply replacing the used LiPo battery by a fully charged one. Now there is no need to wait impatiently for the drone battery to recharge.


The motors and the electric circuit board heat up with prolonged use. Make sure that there is at least rest period of 10 minutes between your flights.
This drone does not have altitude hold and you cannot easily hover it in one place. However, you need to practice to get proper hold of the flying technique.


This is a great starter drone for under $100. The FPV feature makes flying super easy.