AEE Selfly Drone

At the CES in Las Vegas this year, I found a lot of amazing gadgets that I can’t wait to get my hands on. However, for me, what really stole the show was all of the different drones that are set to come out sometime in 2018. However, today, I’m not here to talk about a drone by DJI or PowerVision, my focus is on something a little bit different – the AEE Selfly.

About the AEE Selfly

The AEE Selfly is a phone case that is capable of turning into a drone. That sounds pretty cool, doesn’t it? You’re probably wondering if it flies while the phone is inside the case (that’s what I wondered when I first discovered it). The answer to that is “no,” and obviously, that’s the best answer because I wouldn’t feel safe flying the drone with my precious phone sitting inside of the case, regardless of how protected the phone is. The way I look at it, when the battery runs out, that’s not going to be a good thing, even if the phone is inside of the case.

Battery Life

Speaking of the battery running out while the drone is flying, the battery life is only 4 minutes. Unfortunately, the battery has been built in, so there’s no swapping it out with another set of batteries in order to continue flying. This means once the batteries have died, you will have to stop what you’re doing and charge it using a Micro-USB.


The case and drone together will be around 2.5 ounces, which is really good. It is 0.4 inches thick, which isn’t exactly slim, but looking at it, it is still small enough to be able to shove in your pocket.

What’s neat is the company actually has specific cases for the iPhone 6/6 Plus, iphone 7/7 plus, Galaxy 7/7 Edge, Galaxy S6/S6 Edge and the Nexus 6.  If you don’t have one of these phones, don’t worry, because there’s also going to be a nice universal folio phone case that will be capable of fitting all 4 to 7 inch phones.


When it comes to small drones like this, from my experience, I noticed that they have a tendency to be a bit on the noisy side. The Selfly is a bit noisy, so it isn’t something you’d want to fly around during a wedding or something along those lives.

Controlled by Phone

When a drone can be controlled by a phone, I really like it. With this drone, of course, you can control it with your phone, or it wouldn’t be called a selfie drone. There’s an app that places onscreen control sticks along with auto-piloting options so that you can get good camera shots. According to the CEO and founder, Dr. Hagay Klein, they plan on making an open source platform as well so that others will be able to develop for it.


The Selfly is set to be available sometime during 2018 and is set at a price of $130 – this price includes the batteries as well. All in all, I believe the Selfly is a really good selfie drone that is capable of doing everything you need to do. I do wish the battery life was longer than four minutes, but if you think about it, four minutes should be more than enough time to take all of the selfies you need. I would recommend this to any selfie fanatic as it does a great job at capturing pictures.